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Anna Maria Cantos

Over 15 years' experience as Sales Manager of the company Fundició Dúctil Benito, managing and leading a sales team of over 100 people, carrying out sales management tasks such as pricing strategy and the drawing up, supervision and follow-up of budgets and sales targets with a clear results-oriented approach.

Joan Prat

Economist and holder of a Management Development Programme (PDD) Diploma from the IESE Business School. With over 12 years' experience in management positions, he has held responsibility for International Markets in prestigious companies such as La Farga Group and NOGE, and has served as Sales Manager at INDCAR, achieving his set targets and the high-level positioning of companies in the international market thanks to his clear results-oriented approach.


Our team is made up of professionals with a proven sales track record in the industrial sector. Our offices are located in Manlleu and we have international agents who participate actively in the entire sales process.

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icoexel equip



icoexel equip



We are adept at working with diverse teams and different companies with the goal of creating synergies that enable the achievement of set targets, always focused on success.



We listen carefully to our customers to discover their needs and propose efficient solutions. We don't just offer advice on what needs to be done but also roll up our sleeves and get down to work.



Excellence, thoroughness and quality are our hallmarks. We operate with responsibility, discipline, efficiency and professional ethics.



We provide our customers with continuous, clear, objective and relevant information. All of our actions are clearly set out and we guarantee the continuity of work in the future.



We apply a policy of continuous improvement, using the most suitable tools to offer a better service and new business opportunities.



The entire team is results-oriented and carries out the actions aimed at achieving this goal. Success for us is bottom-line profitability.



We guarantee the total confidentiality of the information provided by our customers, both during and after the period of engagement of our services.


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